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  • Balanced Yoga 1079 Whalley Avenue New Haven, CT, 06515 United States (map)

NOVEMBER 12, 2017

Mark your calendars now for one epic "Yoga Sunday Funday" 


Come join Balanced and some/most of our beloved teachers as we open our yoga home and hearts to you, all. day. long. You will experience our signature hot vinyasa classes accompanied by live music, an Acro Yoga Sampler, an intro class to gongs and singing bowls, a vinyasa dance party... and there's more... so, stay tuned while we work out the finer details for this delicious day!


6:45- 7:45 - Meg "Early RIsers"
8-9am - Jesse "BY Practice"
9:20-10:20am - Tobie "Hot Sweaty Vinyasa"
10:40-11:40am - Lisa "Hot Sweaty Vinyasa"
12-1pm - Rebecca "Vinyasa Werk-Shop"
1:20-2:20pm - Verred "Dynamic Hatha Flow"
2:40-3:40pm - Lori "Hot Sweaty Vinyasa"
4-5:15pm - Sasha and Abigail "Acro Sampler"
5:20-6:20pm - Josh "Intro to Gongs and Bowls"
6:30-7:30 -  Tara "Vinyasa Dance Party"

Class Descriptions

Hot Sweaty Vinyasa
Just so we're clear, this is a 60 minute hot vinyasa class.  Bring a towel, large water bottle, and a fair amount of will power and willingness to touch the edge of existence.  Come a little early to let your body settle into the temperature of the room, and begin gazing into the candlelit space inside your soul.  You'll hop, balance, bend, twist, laugh, stretch, drip and exhale FULLY.  Posture, breath and focus stay rooted in classical yoga body shapes with plenty of room to improvise, dance, pump and "be your practice".  Less emphasis is placed on a "peak pose" or shape; rather on fine-tuning the body as whole, every class.  

We encourage students of ALL LEVELS (especially those seeking a more advanced Balanced Yoga practice) to give this class a few tries.  

Intro to Gong & Bowls
"The frequency of your thoughts is related to the thoughts you think most frequently.  It's a frequent-cy, get it?  Tuning your thoughts to the manifestation of your will is a challenge, so we use vibrational instruments to help align the energy centers in the body and calm the senses, quieting the mind and focusing on consciously creating your reality with love, compassion and forgiveness."  - Josh Soboslai, he's the guy holding the space and "bringin' it".

Step One: We'll move and connect as a group in a circle, creating what I call "The Circle Of Power".  This is a bit strenuous so we will stretch, clap and howl first.

Step Two: We'll talk about the instruments and listen to each one.  You'll learn how they are made, what frequency they vibrate at, how my setup was built and how I learned to make sound with it.  

Step Three: You get a chance to play every instrument I bring, divided into small groups of 2, 3 or 4 and practice the principles of sound healing and extra-sensory perception together.  We'll do a sound bath ritual together to deepen and bind the energy we've created for our highest good at the very end.

We'll open and close with seated silent meditation, cross-legged or kneeling.

Dynamic Hatha Flow
This is a Hatha Yoga practice filled with dynamic and static movement. It is a blend of a few different styles of yoga that I love and study regularly. On the asana side, you’ll generally find ParaYoga, peppered with some Katonah practices. Pranayama is a main focus and is  inspired by both ParaYoga and sometimes Kundalini. This is a strong practice, profound in its simplicity that helps us to create balance and fluidity. We work to become more skillful in our asana, focusing the functions of poses, safe alignment and sound architecture; orienting our bodies. With that comes better awareness of breath, pranic energy. Expect glimpses into the traditional, deeper practices of yoga. These classes are open level are accessible for all students.  The practice is great to increase strength, agility and grace, in our entire system. 

Balanced Yoga Foundations of Flow
We'll strip the Balanced Yoga Flow down to the bare bones. We'll shed light on all the elements of practice;  philosophy, breath work, and a break down of poses. We'll weave them all together for some sweaty, mindful movement. Don't let the name fool you, we'll still pump the heat and sweat it out!!

Intro to AcroYoga
AcroYoga blends the wisdom and grace of yoga with the strength and dynamic connection of acrobatics. It’s an exciting and fun way to experience a new type of movement that will enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance while working in a partner environment. This will be a beginner class that will move through basic positions and transitional flows to form a solid AcroYoga foundation. AcroYoga is for everyone! You do NOT need to have an acrobatic background. Come join in the fun and play! No partner necessary.


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