Balanced Yoga Studio is a sanctuary for every body.

If you are new to Balanced, we welcome you to our sacred, fun, and open-hearted studio. You will find that every student who walks through the door of Balanced is met with an open heart both on and off the mat.

We offer a variety of classes at Balanced because we believe in the intrinsic healing power of all forms of asana as well as the lifestyle lived by the yogi/yogini. We are a place where competition is left behind, as we offer all level classes, all the time.

Classes are open to every(body) to promote a caring, non-competitive environment where you can relax, work up a sweat and have fun. So if you are new to yoga, pick a class and start your journey. If you have been practicing a day or a year, keep coming and grow your practice, because every day is a new beginning. We proudly display the artwork of our students on the walls of our 'Artists Corner'. Ask how to have your art or photography featured in our studio. 

Our studio has a shower, free hair elastics and cold lavender towels that we share with you as you melt into shivasana...


Our Studio

Located right in the heart of the Westville section of New Haven, we’re an intimate yoga studio with a lot to offer. Our reception area is warm and welcoming. It is decorated with rotating works from local artists and features individual lockers for students to store their personal belongings. You’ll find the inside of our studio to be a very relaxed, comfortable environment. Balanced is a hot yoga studio, which means that temperatures inside our space is set to 90 degrees.


Our Culture

Balanced Yoga is a little something like...

engaging. embracing. rising. glistening. glowing.
freeing. flowering. rapturing. beating. leading, loving and playing. absorbing. sourcing. emptying. pouring. ommming. offering and opening.


Our Staff

The Mother Ship of kindness, beauty and intelligence. High educations and high intentions. Playful, powerful specific little ass kicks in every session. Planned out so our students can Zen out. Handpicked and helpful on and off the mat. Sisters. Brothers. FAMILY...The practice of yoga and the main point in all of our classes is ultimately for YOU to feel free in your mind and your body.

Thank you for sharing your healing practice with so many. It’s really enhanced my life.
— Sara, student