Frequently Asked Question


+ Eek! There are so many classes at Balanced. How do I choose which one is right for me?

We believe that every day is a new beginning. We encourage our students to not think too much about the levels of yoga. Rather, we encourage our students to work from the place they are today - in their own bodies. The beauty of the practice is simple. Over time, the practice will unravel and bloom and show itself to you. *Balanced TIP: Just show up.

+ Balanced is a hot yoga studio. How hot is hot?

The studio is 90 degrees, a good temperature to warm your body as you move from posture to posture. If you are not used to the heat, you may feel a little fatigued or possibly light-headed. The more you tend to your practice the more you will become used to the heat and in time build tolerance and endurance. We encourage you to listen to your body, rest and take small sips of water. *Balanced TIP: Hydrate all damn day and don’t eat 2-3 hours prior.

+ How will I know the names of the postures and what to do?

Balanced Yoga uses both the English and Sanskrit words for postures. The more you practice the more you learn. *Balanced TIP: Place your mat at the back of the room so that you can follow other students.

+ What should I bring?

There are so many things to think about. Life is full of details. Luckily when it comes to yoga you only need YOU. You are already fully equipped with your body and your breath. The studio already has everything – a mat, a towel (for rental) and a good water filter. *Balanced TIP: Looking for the perfect mat? Lori suggests the “Un-mat” by LuLuLemon.

+ What’s the biggest mistake a new student can make?

Not using props. (blocks & straps) Props are a sign of intelligence. Not a sign of weakness. They help to build strength and confidence. So use them. At Balanced we provide blocks and straps for FREE. *Balanced TIP: Just show up.

+ What should I wear?

Remember it’s a hot room so you don’t want to be in sweats or long sleeves. Women wear capris or tights, and a loose fitting shirt. Men wear t-shirt and shorts with compression pants *Balanced TIP: Comfort is your best friend.

+ What is your best advice for new students?

Be patient, be open, be honest with yourself, have fun, and stay with it. Take a lighthearted view of yourself as you embark upon this journey. Be patient Investigate. Be receptive. Play. And keep going because it will change your life. *Balanced TIP: Balanced teachers are here to help you grow your practice. If you have questions or concerns, ask!

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