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To help you make the most of your Balanced Yoga experience, we offer a variety of packages and payment options. You can choose to take single classes or for greater savings purchase one of our Class Cards or Unlimited Packages. Payment by cash, personal check or credit card is accepted at the studio.

"The Fine Print" - There are no refunds or extensions for unused or expired packages. Balanced is not responsible for class cancellation due to situations beyond our control like weather, power outages, etc. 


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Baby Boomers are 60+. Students will need to show valid ID prior to taking class. 

Private Yoga Sessions

Book a private session and enjoy a private, one-on-one session with Lori Bonazzoli.

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Balanced Yoga's Core Classes


New Class Alert!
Community Classes

Sat + Sun, 2pm-3pm

This class in just 4 weeks has brought so many newbies together... SO, we are going to add another chance to practice with our graduates. Learn from our freshly graduated YTT students for just $5 on Saturdays and Sundays! 

New Class Alert!
Hot, Sweaty Vinyasa

Mon @ 9a, 12p, 6:45p-8p
Tue @ 9a, 5:30p, 6:45p-8p
Thur @9a, 6:45-8
Fri @ 9a, 12p, 5:45p-7p
Sun @ 12p

Just so we're clear, this is a 60 minute hot vinyasa class.  Bring a towel, large water bottle, and a fair amount of will power and willingness to touch the edge of existence.  Come a little early to let your body settle into the temperature of the room, and begin gazing into the candlelit space inside your soul.  

You'll hop, balance, bend, twist, laugh, stretch, drip and exhale FULLY.  Posture, breath and focus stay rooted in classical yoga body shapes with plenty of room to improvise, dance, pump and "be your practice".  Less emphasis is placed on a "peak pose" or shape; rather on fine-tuning the body as whole, every class.  

We encourage students of ALL LEVELS (especially those seeking a more advanced Balanced Yoga practice) to give this class a few tries.  

Intro to AcroYoga

AcroYoga blends the wisdom and grace of yoga with the strength and dynamic connection of acrobatics. It’s an exciting and fun way to experience a new type of movement that will enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance while working in a partner environment. This will be a beginner class that will move through basic positions and transitional flows to form a solid AcroYoga foundation. AcroYoga is for everyone! You do NOT need to have an acrobatic background. Come join in the fun and play! No partner necessary.

Taught by Abigail Bowersox and Sasha Krishnic.

Early Risers

Mon & Wed @ 6a-7a
Tue, Thur & Fri @ 6:30a

There’s nothing like an early morning practice. It helps to increase circulation, helps you to find balance both physically and mentally. You might just find that your morning practice energizes you more than that first cup of coffee. All levels welcome. Pre-reg for this class is required. 

Dynamic Hatha Flow

Mon @ 5:30p
Wed @ 9a
Thur @ 12p & 5:30p

This is a Hatha Yoga practice filled with dynamic and static movement. It is a blend of a few different styles of yoga that I love and study regularly. On the asana side, you’ll generally find ParaYoga, peppered with some Katonah practices. Pranayama is a main focus and is  inspired by both ParaYoga and sometimes Kundalini. This is a strong practice, profound in its simplicity that helps us to create balance and fluidity. We work to become more skillful in our asana, focusing the functions of poses, safe alignment and sound architecture; orienting our bodies. With that comes better awareness of breath, pranic energy. Expect glimpses into the traditional, deeper practices of yoga. These classes are open level are accessible for all students.  The practice is great to increase strength, agility and grace, in our entire system. 

The BY Practice

Sat @ 9a-10:30, 4p-5:30
Sun @ 9a-10:30, 4p-5:30

This is the Balanced Yoga Challenge Class. You will flow with the breath, work on arm balances, inversions, binds and backbends. This is a challenging, and fun class where you will have the opportunity to explore new postures and new beginnings. Prior yoga practice recommended. 

BY Basics

Sat @ 12p

If you are a beginner yogi this class is for you. Commit to practicing 2x a week and you will be moving on to more challenging classes in no time. The instructor will teach the foundations needed to grow your practice, using breath and movement. English and Sanskrit words will also be taught as part of the practice. Guaranteed to have fun!

Advanced Asana Breakdown

Wed @ 6:45p-8p

This 75 minute class will be in Rebecca's vinyasa based style with a workshop-y feel. This class will emphasize the connection of more subtle energies in your body to ignite your practice with newly discovered possibilities, moving physically deeper into postures. This class is geared towards more experienced practitioners. Not suitable for beginners. 

BY Vinyasa Breakdown

Wed @ 12p & 5:30p

These 60 minute classes of Rebeccas qare always in the vinyasa tradition with a workshop-y feel towards the end to demystify asana (posture) that may at first seem out of reach.

If time permits, a short, beginner meditation is offered following class on Saturday morning. Session led by Lori Bonazzoli.  


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