Travel. Train. Transcend.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification in Nosara, Costa Rica

It's community….a place to gather to get the breath in You. 

To let the breath move you. 

It’s a shedding with special attention paid to the moments right as you are letting go. There’s a silent understanding now to submerge and swim beyond the self built boundaries. It’s the “goings on” of the deeper inner layers and how it all works. Soup to nuts. Bones to skin. All over the inside. All over the outside. It’s Practice. 

And if you’re dying to deepen it come study with us.


Your Practice Space @ The Harmony Hotel

Your Practice Space @ The Harmony Hotel

In this 200-hour course we will probe deeply - Asana, Sequencing, Meditation, Pranayama, Thai Massage & Anatomy.

Alignment of the subtle body by way of chakras. Alignment of the physical body by way of anatomy. We will tread through theming, sequencing and the art of assisting & adjusting. We will delve into the relationships between student and teacher, teacher and community and Ethics. We will embody creativity through writing, playing and finding your voice. We will learn very carefully how to watch ourselves as students and how to hold space as teachers. We will look at the bodies physiology and how to develop self care and self practice. Students will also learn basic methods and principles of Thai Yoga Bodywork . 

We are honored to carry you through this transformative time in your experience of life. Trust Us. Let Us. And let the jungle hold You. This course is Yoga Alliance approved. Yoga Alliance certification upon completion.

NOTE: You will be responsible for purchasing the following books as part of the training. All are available on Amazon. 

The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume 1

Yoga in Color: A Yoga Anatomy Coloring Exploration

The Ethics of Touch: The Hands-on Practitioners Guide to Creating A Professional, Safe and Enduring Practice

The cost of the training is $4,000.
Flight and accommodations are separate



33 Hours AMTA and Yoga Alliance Certified Training in Thai Yoga Bodywork

Students will learn basic methods and principles of Thai Yoga Bodywork . The Introductory class will cover a brief history of Thai Yoga Massage, cautionary measures, finding and palming/thumbing the sen lines, postures for the client and practitioner which include a simple sequence for the entire body.  Emphasis will be place on postural alignment for both the client and the practitioner in addition to an understanding of the physiological principles of muscle stretching applicable to the protocol.  Students will watch, give and receive the treatments.  This course will reflect and support the anatomy requirements for Yoga Teacher Training. 


Lori Bonazzoli


Lori’s journey into the practice of Yoga began when she was 17 through self study and with the Spiritual Human Yoga School where she engaged in a deep practice of seated meditation. Through that experience, she ventured out and began her study of asana which led to her initial certification as a Bikram Yoga Instructor. After 18 years of diving deep into body and mind Lori has many asana teachers she pays homage to, blending her experiences into spiritual, compassionate, alignment based hot vinyasa classes sprinkled with little bits of Tibetan Buddhism and a strong emphasis on seated meditation. While Lori’s classes and practices are firmly rooted in the ancient Yogic traditions you will find yourself playfully dabbling in some not so traditional movements, exploring your self created boundaries and learning how to listen to the voice of the body.


Heather Lundy


Heather is one of the partners at Living Hotel and Director of Living Spa and Yoga Services. She is a yogi, therapist, teacher and choreographer obsessed with all forms of movement. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Movement Therapy from Hahnemann University and an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Dance Theater from James Madison University. She studies and teaches yoga, modern dance, massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Ashiatsu, movement theory, physical theater, Pilates, and a host of obscure movement practices that delight and distract her on a daily basis. She is a licensed and board certified massage therapist with a spa consulting business through Living Retreats.  You can visit her for a therapeutic treatment at Living Spa.  Heather has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga and movement as medicine. She is dedicated to teaching the world to move and has a magic life, complete with cool dogs.

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